Scheme Evolution

The Goods Yard site has been identified in Council planning policies for development since the 1990s. Solum has been working on its plans at Bishop’s Stortford since 2014. Over the last two years, Solum has undertaken extensive consultation with local residents. Over 900 responses have been submitted to earlier consultations.

An earlier scheme was refused planning permission by East Herts Council in May 2017. Since then we have engaged with the Council, local stakeholders and the community to bring forward revised proposals that address concerns raised and provide additional benefits. In response to the local feedback we’ve made major changes to our plans.

These include:

  • Introducing a two-way road for all traffic from London Road to the station;
  • Reducing the heights of the buildings to align more closely to the existing context;
  • Reducing the number of new homes;
  • Introduction of proposed office space for local businesses;
  • Architectural approach to reflect Bishop’s Stortford’s heritage;
  • Introducing a care home;
  • New cycle and pedestrian links from the station to the river and the town centre;
  • Wider station and local transport improvements.

Our design aims to protect the views of local landmark buildings and reflect the character of Bishop Stortford’s heritage, whilst improving accessibility by road, bicycle and on foot.

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